Research, education, and dissemination of knowledge to local communities are fundamental components of science. However, the pressure on scientists to produce quickly a high number of outcomes often has a negative effect on the quality of research, education, and work-life balance of the young and senior alike. 

We believe that a balance can be nurtured by providing an alternative space.

We aim to provide an open space for learning and research of ecology; to promote an inclusive and diverse environment for developing collaborative research projects; and,  to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and public awareness.

What do we do?


Joins us in the iconic Wendland for our diverse workshops in ecology


A regional campus for collaborative research with local partners


Promoting a public understanding of science and its application

Why Wendland?

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The region of Wendland has a long tradition of promoting creativity and alternative solutions. In particular, sustainable development has become an important focal objective of the region. Sustainability goes hand in hand with the study of ecology. CREW can therefore play a crucial role in strenghtening regional sustainable development.


Our partners