Just Listening – Songs of a Wooden House – 26.11.2022

Next Saturday, November 26 at 7pm, the IX session of “del canto rodado” will take place. This time the Just Listening collective will present a live sound exploration, or collective listening exercise, which involves field recordings, instruments and poetry reading. Just Listening is made up of Viviana Porras, Leonardo Salgado (@imagensuburbio), Karina Montero, Mark Gillingham […]

Lea Spelzhausen

Lea Spelzhausen After my studies of Biology at the University of Hamburg, I held an academic position at the University of Bremen in the field of ecology. There I taught Bachelor courses of Ecology such as Arthropod identification and Ecological experiments. My research focused on how grassland management affects soil biota, their provision of ecosystem […]

Data Analysis in Ecology using R: 12th – 16th of September 2022

Data Analysis in Ecology using R 12th – 16th Sept. 2022 Wendland Registration for this workshop is now closed. However please feel free to contact us if you are interested and we can inform you when our next workshop will take place. R is an incredibly powerful statistical environment and one of the most used […]

B. Karina Montero

B. Karina Montero Research Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting research questions and study systems. Intrigued by the cryptic behaviour of neotropical bats, I pursued a doctoral degree at North Dakota State University were I studied the acoustic and social behaviour of a leaf-roosting bat species. […]

Mark Gillingham

Mark Gillingham I have always been passionate about biodiversity. Naturally this has led me to study Zoology and throughout my career I have had two hats: academia as an evolutionary biologist and conservation. Upon completing my PhD at Oxford University in evolutionary biology, I shifted my energy to conservation by accepting a position in the […]

Just Listening

We are happy to announce that CREW is an active member of Just Listening, a LEARN lab of the School of Commons (SoC). SoC is an initiative dedicated to the study and development of self-directed Peer Learning, located at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).     Just Listening  Just Listening unites naturalists, biologists, […]

Worlds within islands: deciphering the evolutionary mechanisms driving gut microbiome biogeography using an oceanic island system

Worlds within islands: Deciphering the evolutionary mechanisms driving gut microbiome biogeography using an oceanic island system We are very excited to announce that the American Genetic Association has awarded us with an Evolutionary, Ecological, or Conservation Genomics (EECG) grant for our research within the Fringilla team at the University of Oviedo. Until recently, microbial taxa […]