Lea Spelzhausen

Lea Spelzhausen After my studies of Biology at the University of Hamburg, I held an academic position at the University of Bremen in the field of ecology. There I taught Bachelor courses of Ecology such as Arthropod identification and Ecological experiments. My research focused on how grassland management affects soil biota, their provision of ecosystem […]

B. Karina Montero

B. Karina Montero Research Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting research questions and study systems. Intrigued by the cryptic behaviour of neotropical bats, I pursued a doctoral degree at North Dakota State University were I studied the acoustic and social behaviour of a leaf-roosting bat species. […]

Mark Gillingham

Mark Gillingham I have always been passionate about biodiversity. Naturally this has led me to study Zoology and throughout my career I have had two hats: academia as an evolutionary biologist and conservation. Upon completing my PhD at Oxford University in evolutionary biology, I shifted my energy to conservation by accepting a position in the […]