Next Saturday, November 26 at 7pm, the IX session of “del canto rodado” will take place. This time the Just Listening collective will present a live sound exploration, or collective listening exercise, which involves field recordings, instruments and poetry reading. Just Listening is made up of Viviana Porras, Leonardo Salgado (@imagensuburbio), Karina Montero, Mark Gillingham and Lea Spelzhausen and is a LEARN lab at the School of Commons @schoolcommons. On Saturday, Anthony Arias and Adrián Cruz (@ruidonoclasta) will also join this session. Jeymer Gamboa will also read one of his unpublished poems.

The age of the sun ( will also be presented at the wooden house. Josué Rodríguez Miranda’s project that explores experimental music in the electroacoustic, electronic, noise and ambient aspects.

The flyer illustration is by Viviana Porras.